Executive 2.0

Introducing Executive 2.0 

An obstacle course with 20+ obstacles including a wall climb, log PT, cargo net, teeter totter and many more. This 1.5 mile run will challenge your muscular and short term cardiovascular endurance. This training will be constantly updated year round to add an extra element of fun and difficulty for those who want to regularly train for an event in Erie.

Cargo Net Obstacle at Executive 2.0Monkey Bars Obstacle at Executive 2.0Climbing Wall Obstacle at Executive 2.0

Want to beat your previous time, then come on and take the challenge again. Want to get the all time best? then this event is for you. In addition if you want to be in the elite run you have to get the best time and qualify. Have a new obstacle idea? let us know.

With the average obstacle within every tenth of a mile you wont get too far between each one. Before you know it you will be taking on the next one. With each lap you take the obstacles will be different.

In order to improve the obstacle course as well as ease and smoothness of the event being run. We will ask the first participants will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire of the event and have the opportunity to provide pros and cons of the event.

Cargo Net ObstacleWindow ObstacleCargo Net Obstacle Top

Our course is for the entire family from kids to teens to adults. Anyone can challenge our course and there are always different options that can be tailored to your fitness level.

Executive 2.0 also offers training for this course by appointment only. You can set up an appointment or sign up by emailing us at executivepersonalfitness@gmail.com or calling in at 814-874-5000.

Check out our Facebook page at https://m.facebook.com/epferie

What else is going on at Executive 2.0?

Executive 2.0 will not only host this obstacle course. We will be offering self defense classes as well as shooting classes with a laser course inside the building as well. For our first opening introduction of the Obstacle course challenge will be by Invite Only. First participants of the event will be eligible for a free giveaway.

Once again anyone with questions regarding the obstacle course run as well as future runs or any other classes and events taking place at Executive 2.0 please call or email. http://executivepersonalfitnesserie.com/contact/