How I Define Success in Health and Fitness

People have different opinions on what success means for health and fitness. Some people consider reaching a weight goal as success, where others define it as getting off their medication. The list can go on for days.

Now I would say most people who get personal trainers are there for weight loss, whether it be 5 pounds or 100. The media tends to make us believe that a certain body figure is ultimate success, and this can get us off track to what exercise is supposed to accomplish.

Does that mean when you reach your goal weight or figure that you’re suddenly done exercising?

Success in my career

I as a trainer am in this business for a couple purposes:

  1. To rehab an injury you may have, or address functional issues your body faces
  2. [The most important] To bring you a life of health

I don’t post before and after photos of clients, I don’t discuss weight loss they’ve made to my social media account. I’m in this business because I’m trying to create a life of fitness and health, not to show off people’s figures.

Now, there are many cases where losing weight will increase health, for instance, helping lower your resting blood pressure. But I’m not there to cure your blood pressure and never see you again. I want to bring health into your life, consistently for the rest of your life.

That makes me sound like I want you to be my client forever so I can grab all the money I can. No, I don’t expect you to be my client forever. To best explain what I try to do:

When you have a child, you raise it as best you can so they no longer need you.

That’s exactly how I feel about my career. I want to “raise” you to where down the road, you’ve got the tools you need to continue your healthy lifestyle without me.

Will I miss you after you leave the nest? Yes, absolutely.

Although, I have definitely had “lifers” as clients. They just like the training so much, that no matter what, they’re not leaving. So that means I just have a child that lives at home their whole life. It’s okay 🙂


Digging deeper on this goal I have of clients, I want to mold you to where instead of sitting all day on their couch, you insist to go for a hike or a walk. Instead of stressing about how skinny you can get, you’d rather focus on lifting because you know that’ll help keep you mobile and able to function at 80 years old. I want you to love quinoa and broccoli just as much as ice cream, but know that having a beer every weekend isn’t going to crush your life.

To have clients understand that 80% of good eating is the way to be, not limit their calories to 1000 calories each day and never eat “bad” foods. I want to create a certain life for clients, not put them on a 21 day “fix”. There is no fix that’s 21 days long. Creating a life of mostly good choices, and being fairly active every day, THAT is success in health and fitness.


But that is just my definition of success. What is yours?

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