Reimagine New Year’s Resolution

The usual go-around

The New Year’s resolution time has come, and weight loss is at the top of many people’s list. Often time fulfillment comes when 10 pounds or 30 pounds will shed off the scale, and unhappiness prevails until that number has come.

As the days begin in the new year, people spontaneously sign up for a fitness membership and Shape Magazine subscriptions. A stop at the grocery store is made to purchase vegetables, smoothie mixes, and protein powder.

These spontaneous actions will definitely lead to the happiness that has been desired for years now.


Reimagine resolutions


Consider thinking more broad than just losing 10 pounds. Specific goals like a weight loss number or fitting into a certain pant size are so narrow, and accomplish nothing meaningful.

On a broader sense, consider becoming stronger, more cardiovascularly fit, being able to withstand hours or hiking or biking, etc. These broader goals will most likely accomplish the weight loss from the training that must be done to achieve the fitness goal. In addition, the empowerment you feel from training will become much more superior to a smaller pant size.

Truthfully, most people don’t find weight loss enough of a motivating factor to continue to exercise and eat right. The end feeling exercise and good nutrition brings to our body becomes the motivating factor. Healthy choices results in increased energy, better sleep, and more effective movements we perform throughout the day.

The plan

Just considering you’re going to become more fit and eat better aren’t enough. Seriously considering your plan is vital for succeeding in this new adventure, and research and writing become essential.

Here are a few things to jump start your workout plan:

  • Determine your starting goal on days per week to exercise: Be realistic at first. If you can only manage one or two days per week, that’s okay. You don’t have to go six days a week to see results, so don’t get yourself behind before you start.
  • Plan your exercise types for each workout: This is huge. Too many people join a gym, are all excited, and get to the gym day 1 and have no idea what to do. They stand around completely lost and unsure how to use anything or where to even start. Knowing your goal for each day makes things easier.
    For example, day one might be upper body machine work, day 2 might be bodyweight exercises, day 3 might be cardio mixed with rope training. Your daily concept doesn’t have to be super specific, but definitely towards a certain direction.
  • Keep a log: This also becomes important for those with a specific mission in mind. If you have a goal of deadlifting 250 pounds, you need to keep a log of what you do each week in order to progress yourself the following week. If you want to run a 5K in 22 minutes, each week you must log how fast you’ve performed it, and that way you’ll see your progressions. It may sound petty but it becomes your tool for success.

Being prepared for your goals is almost more important than going out and doing them. Without proper preparation, it becomes almost impossible to actually stick with things. Don’t let 2017 slip away without your fitness goals achieved.



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