Executive Personal Fitness welcomes you

Executive Personal Fitness

Executive Personal Fitness is a by-appointment only fitness studio that is geared towards giving you the service you desire. Executive Personal Fitness being a boutique style studio, we aim to match you to the trainer who suits you best.

Executive Personal Fitness is perfect for your style of training if you desire a personal touch and home gym feel, without the crowd of a large fitness center. We give you the “Executive Treatment”. Our trainers are not only certified fitness professionals, but highly educated individuals who strive to teach you the reasons why we train you the way we do. All training is individualized and our desire is to get you to your goal. Weather it be for weight loss or for maintaining a great physique, we will find a program that is right for you. We will work around your schedule so it is the best timing for you.


Our “Services” section breaks down our fitness options, while “Wellness” describes what supplementation we sell and believe in.

Feel free to make an appointment to tour our studio. Call us at (814) 874-5000 or email us at Executivepersonalfitness@gmail.com

Our mission is to create a comfortable environment in which our clients have direct attention from our trainers and guidance for finding that great health, perfect body and personal fitness.

Also for those interested in Martial Arts training and classes stop by www.executivepersonaltraining.net to learn more about the program and classes.