Welcome Note

4300 West ridge rd

Welcome to Executive Personal Fitness

“We can help you. Period.”

Executive Personal Fitness is a private, by-appointment fitness studio. We believe every person coming in our studio is special and requires special attention. Whether exercise, rehabilitation, or self-confidence, we as a company believe we can help you achieve your goals

Our boutique-style fitness studio allows us to provide a personal touch that other gyms cannot match. This personal touch gives you an at-home feel, no crowds, and 100% personal attention. This gym is truly is a unique atmosphere to exercise in.

All of our workouts are individualized, so we can help get you to your goal. Whether it be for weight loss, strength, or fixing an injury, we will find a program that is right for you.

Working unilaterally provides great benefits to your musculature.

Feel free to make an appointment to tour our studio and schedule a free consultation

Call us at (814) 874-5000 or email us at executivepersonalfitness@gmail.com

See what is going on with our Obstacle Course Challenge and updates to follow.


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